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Sam Schleman <Samara99@...>

Hello all;

I've got a problem that I hope someone can help me with.

I am trying to obtain information about a woman who was institutionalized
somewhere in the period of 1915 - 1920 on eastern Long Island. The name of
the institution is unknown, but the person in question died while a patient
(probably in the 1950's or 60's) and is buried in the Institution's own
graveyard. Her name was Rose Klein nee Kramer, and she was born in 1891.

We believe she suffered >from Post-partum depression after the birth of her
second child, and her husband placed her in an institution shortly
thereafter, where she remained the remainder of her life. It is presumed to
be a mental institution.

Since she had no SS #, is not in a known cemetery and there was no known
next of kin involved, it is hard to find information about her.

Would anyone know of a mental institution on eastern Long Island that would
have existed in 1915 to 1920 and which has its own cemetery? Or can anyone
tell me how to locate this information?

Thank you for any help or insight you may be able to shed on this problem.

Sam Schleman
Malvern, PA

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