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Jerome Seligsohn <jselig1315@...>

Old genealogists don't die; they transliterate. Working on archiving the papers of
the Bolshowtzer Arbeiter Lodge no. 517 IOBA today at YIVO Archives I encountered a
mystery which threw me into a researching tizzy. Chewron was not to be found
The jgsny website offered a Mtt Hebron bural site but no Chewron. Google was no
help. Finally, an exteremely bright and gifted genalogist hit on the solution.
Chewron was the attempt of the Yiddish speaking lodge to approximate the sound of
Hebron in English. The case was solved. The message is never give up on a name no
matter how ridiculous if may first appear to be.

Jerome Seligsohn
volunteer archivist YIVO

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