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Adam Stein <adam@...>

As you can see below, I list STEIN (Sarny, Ukraine). However, that is not the
STEIN I'm looking for. The STEIN listed below is on my mother's side. I also
have a totally unrelated STEIN on my father's side. I don't even have enough
information to list it below. I'll list the few names I do have and hopefully
somebody recognizes something. I've tried online sites (JewishGen, death index,
grave sites, etc), but nothing matches or I don't have enough information to prove
a match. I keep checking back once in a while in case anything new pops up.

I've already uploaded my complete family tree to FTJP, so people can check any of
the names listed below for further connections if I have them.

Jack STEIN married Sarah STABINSKY. They had a child, Emanuel, born in 1910.
Emanuel died sometime between 1953 and 1957. There is a rumor that Emanuel had a
brother named Nathan, but I have no concrete evidence of that.

Emanuel married Anna FRIEDMAN August 9, 1936. Anna's parents were Oscar and Ida

Emanuel and Anna had one child, Stanley George STEIN. Stanley was born February
1, 1941 and died February 8, 1999. He married Belle STEIN (STEIN is her maiden
name as well as her married name -- no relation like I said above). Stanley and
Belle had two children; Adam (me) and Mandy.

Unfortunately, my father passed away several years ago before I became interested
in genealogy. There were never any other family members that my mother or I am
aware of to even ask or look up information on besides the named listed above. My
father never spoke of his father's family (I don't think his father told him
anything to begin with).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Adam Stein
ALPEROWITZ (Minsk, Belarus; Rochester, NY)
ALPERIN (Rochester, NY; NJ)
CHWAT (Minsk, Belarus)
FRIEDMAN (Austria)
STEIN (Sarny, Ukraine)
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