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ronald Wallace

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I am searching for relatives of a HEYMANSON family. Descendants of Eduard
HEYMANSON and Recha (Rea) WALLACH. They both came >from Germany and were
actually cousins. They married in New York in 1903 and had two children,
Jeanette born in in NYC in 1907 and William in NYC in 1918.

I can find no trace of any of them after the 1925 New York State Census.

They have/had relatives that settled in the Chicago area, with current
generations still living there. I am fairly certain that I know who the
current generation are and would like to make contact if I can.

If anyone on Jewishgen or Gersig newsgroups has any knowledge of this
family, I would be most grateful to hear >from them. Thanks.

Ronald Wallace, Somerset, NJ ronald@...

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