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Rochelle Kaplan <rochelle@...>

I received a report >from my Latvian genealogist in which he found a file
on my gguncle, Itsik Jossel GERSON entitled "About permission to Itzik
Jossel Gersohn to open a factory for smelting lard, dated >from 7/1/1888
to 9/8/1888, in Riga. The factory had already existed on the site and
had its equipment. He did not receive permission >from authorities since
they feared an influx of Jewish workers not having the right to live in
Riga residing in Riga.

My question: Is it possible that my Jewish gguncle would have wished to
open a lard smelting, soap making property, since lard is pork fat and
that is unclean? When I queried the genealogist, he said the Russian
phrase used was "salotopelniy zavod" and that now "salo" refers to pig.
I wonder if the factory could have used tallow (>from beef, cows).


Rochelle Kaplan
Salt Lake City

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