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Alexander Sharon

"Robert Israel" wrote
When it became clear that the Germans were going to capture much of
European Russia and Ukraine, the Soviets moved as many as possible of
their factories (and the workers to run them) to Asia, out of reach of
the Germans. I doubt very much that it was a case of caring about the
Jews: if you were a worker in a factory that was moved, then you moved

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Not only the factory workers but anyone who wanted to be
evacuated, have been allowed to do so.
Many local Jews and Polish Jewish refugees have not been
associated with factories, those people were tradesmen or
often without any profession at all.

Traveling by train to the evacuation places was not easy,
people have been occupying freight cars, but this was a common
travel way those days in USSR. At least people have been going
to the safe places. Often trains were subject to bombardments
by Germans planes. And people who stay behind were

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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