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Carlos Glikson

Could someone in Buenos Aires look up the address of my cousin Eduardo
If you try
with information and services for more than 184 countries, and look for
white pages in Argentina succesively clicking in
International > Others.... > South & Central America > Argentina ,
you may find different links to white pages online for Argentina.

A try in the first link gives no Eduardo German Braunstein but a Eduardo H
Braunstein (Herman?) in Blanco Encalada street. You may wish to explore all
links for other relatives or think Eduardo H may be Eduardo German. If you
believe it may be him, I´ll be happy to call for you and check. Some
additional information on your relation and location may help.

There are access links for different white pages sites on-line, operating
with databases that have proved not to be 100% coincident. My 2002/2003
white pages have 24 Braunstein phones in all for Buenos Aires city including
Jose A. Braunstein, probably the son of Jovita, brother of Federico and
Bettina, unlisted for Buenos Aires city with those names, all friends in my
childhood years.

Best wishes,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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