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Evertjan. <exjxw.hannivoort@...>

Hello Jonathan,

Jonathan Borchard wrote on 13 mrt 2005 in soc.genealogy
Some of my family were born in Fauquemont/Lotharingen
(Holland/Belgium) in the 1790's.
Lotharingen = Lorraine in FRANCE

In France there still is "57380 Faulquemont", east of Metz

Many years ago I was told it is now known as Valkenburg
in Germany.

Probably the other way around. Elsas-Lotharingen was part
of Germany till the Versailles agreement in 1918.

Faulquemont = Falcon-mount = ValkenbErg
ValkenbUrg = Falcon-bury/Falcon-borough

I have done a bit of research into locating it but seem
to be finding several Valkenburg's and am no longer sure
which is the one I am looking for!
There are 2 palaces Valkenburg in the Netherlands.
1 near The Hague
2 in the province of Limburg near Belgium

Around 1800 the Netherlands and Belgium were ONE country!
Before the Liberation of 1812 the French occupation
possebly called them both Faulquemont.

In Germany there is no Valkenburg, but there are:

1x FALKENBURG (27624)

I think those are inconsequential.

Could someone please put me right and also tell me if
you know if I have any chance of finding
Jewish births >from that town between 1790
and 1793.
It depends on what town we are talking about.

What family names do you look for?

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
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