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Anybody in Chicago with acess to the Polish Dziennik Chicagoski archives?

I have just learned that notices of the deaths of a family member and his
2nd wife appeared in that paper in September 1967 and August of 1957
respectively. I would like the full text of the death notices.

I am hoping that they lead me to other family members. The husband, who came
to America by himself to earn enough to bring over other family members,
divorced his first wife when she delivered a child a year after he left for
the US! He later married a Polish Catholic in Chicago. I assume that he
converted in order to marry her. How do I find out where and when he

Two granddaughters who I have finally traced, after years and years of
research, refuse to give me any information or even tell me where these
grandparents are interred.

The two in question are:

Adler, Julia DOD 8/2/1957
maiden name: Koza -- reported 3 Aug 1957

Adler, Oscar DOD 9/27/1967
wife's maiden name: Koza, Julia -- reported 28 Sep 1967

Barbara S. Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

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