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Alexander Sharon

"S. Micah Salb" wrote

First, he says on it that he is >from Potzanka, Bereg Megye, Hungary. I can't
locate that town using Shtetlseeker, and I've never heard of it. Most of my
family is >from Munkacs and thereabout (which is also in Bereg Megye), so I
imagine Potzanka is near to there. Is anyone familiar with this town?


If you are certain that Potzanka has been located in Bereg county, may I suggest
to locate village whereabouts by using Bereg's 1910 map.

from the index of Hungarian counties in 1910, select Bereg county:

When you have managed to locate Potzanka, follow now with the fairly modern map
(Soviet era) of Ukraine's Zakarpatskaya oblast' (Transcarpathian Ukraine) at:

to identify current Ukrainian name of Potzanka.

Good luck in your search.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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