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In the case of the three names you mention, I'd guess (and I mean, guess) that
ADLER was taken as a required surname more often than HALPERN or ALBER, the
latter of which was often a variant of the (often) Rabbinic name

==Adler is German for Eagle. Many were named after a dwelling home designated
with an eagle portrait

==Halpern designated people whose ancestry was in the German town Heilbronn

==Alber might be a variant of ALBERT, the Spanish Albo (=white), or as Roger
Lustig suggests, >from Halberstam, Halberstadt or any other name or location,
including Heilbronn.

==In addition to COHEN, KOHEN, KAGAN, AARONSON etc. there are some family names
associated with Kohanim. RAPPAPORT is one, and they're actually named after a

==My Bernet family is Levites--but the only ones that produced a chain of rabbis
were the Frensdorff branch--named after our ancestral village.

==I do think that Levites have produced an inordinately high number of rabbinic
families: MAINZER/MENZ (after a German city), EPSTEIN (originally Benveniste who
took their new name >from an Austrian village after the expulsion >from Spain),
HOROWITZ/GUREVITCH (after a Moravian village), BAMBERGER (German town). But that
may have had familial-economic reasons--or it may be my prejudiced perception

Michael Bernet, New York

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