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Yehuda Berman <ybberman@...>

Putting the vowels into a Hebrew text is a lot of work, which is why most Hebrew
texts (except poetry, prayer, and books for young children) skip the vowels.
However, my Hebrew-language handbook for using WORD in OFFICE 2000 lists two ways
of putting in the vowels:

Method 1: Put on the NUM LOCK, press ALT and, using the numbers at the right-hand
side of the keyboard, simultaneously press the following series of numbers for
each vowel, as follows: 0192 = shva, 0193 = hataf segol, 0194 = hataf patah,
0195 = hataf kamatz, 0196 = hirik, 0197 = tzirei, 0198 = segol, 0199 = patah,
0200 = kamatz, 0201 = holam, 0203 = kubutz, 0204 = shuruk or dagesh, 0209 = dot on
the right side of the letter shin, 0210 = dot on the left side of the letter sin.
Method 1 is easiest when you put in vowels at the same time as consonants.

Method 2: Put on CAPS LOCK, then hold down SHIFT and simultaneously press on the
numbers appearing across the top of the keyboard, as follows: ~ = shva,
1 = hataf segol, 2 = hataf patah, 3 = hataf kamatz, 4 = hirik, 5 = tzirei,
6 = segol, 7 = patah, 8 = kamatz, - = holam, \ = kubutz, 0204 = shuruk or dagesh,
0 = dot on the right side of the letter “shin”, 9 = dot on the left side of the
letter “sin”.
Method 2 is easiest when you have already typed in the consonants and want to add

Good luck,
Yehuda Berman
Efrat, Israel

<Is there a good program for writing Hebrew within word processors like Microsoft
word or WordPerfect? Everything that I have tried has not worked easily. I need
something that will put the vowels in the correct place.
Kenneth L. Packer>

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