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I wonder if anyone can suggest another avenue of research I might reasonably

I'm interested in finding out something about Emil STERNSCHEIN. He was
married to my late Mother's aunt, Ida (NOWAK) Sternschein.

Not much is known to me about him. He was a Major in the Austro-Hungarian
army in WW1 and apparently retired after the war. They were reputedly
financially well-off and they lived well in a nice villa in Vienna. It is
not known if there were any children, but probably not.

Ida was probably murdered in Am Steinhof in Vienna in about 1941. Emil was
reportedly forced to move into a one-room flat with his in-laws in 1942 -
maybe this was one of the "collection" address in the 2nd District of
Vienna. But that's all I know.

The people with whom he was "living", my grandmother, her two sisters and a
daughter, are known to have been arrested some time in 1942 and sent to
Terezin. But strangely, Emil does not appear in the DoW and Letter to the
Stars databases. He is not listed in the Theresienstadt Totenbuch. He does
not appear in the IKG or Vienna municipal cemetery databases either.

What could have happened to him? Any useful suggestions please?

Chag Sameach

Robert Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia
NOWAK - Moravia,Austria
EISINGER - Moravia - >
FINKELSTEIN - Galicia, Poland
NAGEL - Austria

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