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In the early 1700's a family of Kohenim >from Krotoszyn [Krotoschin] migrated
northward to the region of Kowal, Lubraniec, Izbica, Plock, and later to
Wloclawek. They bore no permanent family name except the HaKohen title
after their personal and father's names.

In about 1800, when it became compulsory, this family, or perhaps several
families, adopted the name KROTOSZYNSKI.

A search in JRI-Poland brings up KROTOSZYNSKI families--in the early and
middle 19th century-- in Gabin, Izbica, Kleczew, Kolo, Konin, Lubraniec, and
Warta. Very large families were in Izbica and Kleczew. Towards the end of
the century we find some in Lodz and Zdunska Wola. All these locations are
in western Poland. There are no Krotoszynski families in JRI in the south,
central or eastern regions of Poland. So we are dealing with a rather
concentrated geographical region.

Upon immigrating, most Krotoszynski's changed their names, some to COWEN in
the U.S., and to COWAN in Britain. When pronounced both names sound
like--COHEN !! --which makes perfect sense.

I am searching for all KROTOSZYNSKI *descendants whose males are Kohenim* So
far I have succeeded in linking the COWEN'S of America to the COWAN'S of
Britain. If a Krotoszynski male descendant doesn't know whether or not he
is a Kohen, he could easily have his DNA tested to find out.

Jim Bennett

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