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Mila Begun <mmbegun@...>

Another story: my uncle came to the U.S. shortly after my grandfather
did around 1906, but never sent for his wife and children as my
grandfather had. His first return trip to Poland, after being in New
York for several years, was because his wife was very ill. She died
from t.b. as did 2 of their 3 sons. He remained in Poland for awhile,
moving in with his sister. Eventually he married again, and again he
came to the U.S. without his wife and children.

He gave it a fair try, but never adapted enough to settle his family
here. He returned home to Poland, gathered up the family and emigrated
to Israel, where his descendants live today.

Researching: BEFELER: Czemierniki, Lukow, Deblin, Radzyn in Poland
ORLIK, TALANSKY, YELLISHAVETSKY: Talnoye and Talyanka in Ukraine

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