Angelika Brosig and her work #germany

David Shapiro

A lot has already been posted about Angelika Brosig and the loss we have
suffered with her passing.

I had the privilege of working with her on the documentation of the
cemetery in Schopfloch. She would send me photos of headstones, and I
would send her translations of the inscriptions.

I would like to clarify that although the cemetery was located in
Schopfloch, it was used by several of the surrounding communities,
mainly Dinkelspuehl, Feuchtwangen, Moenchsroth, and Wittelshoffen. My
own family was >from Moenchsroth. Her work centered on the cemetery, but
her research and knowledge branched out to all aspects of those
communities and their Jewish residents. She wanted to know what had
happened to all of them. Those who survived and those who didn't.

This summer I had the opportunity of visiting her in Schopfloch. She was
already weak >from her illness and >from the treatments, but she showed us
around Schopfloch and pointed out all the homes that had once belonged
to Jews and told us their stories. She had arranged to have a model made
of the synagogue based on the original plans, and it now is in the
office of the Rathaus there. She brought us to the cemetery in
Wallerstein where more of my relatives are buried, and she brought us to
Moenchsroth where the local minister, who also has made a study of the
history of the local Jewish community, showed us the former homes of my
ancestors and relatives.

There is still work to be done in the cemetery. If is four centuries
old, with about 1200 graves. We have documented only about a tenth of
those, and mostly the most recent. I know that she wanted her work to be
continued after her passing, and I hope that will happen.

She was an amazing person, and her passing is a tremendous loss to all
who knew her.

David Shapiro, Jerusalem

A tribute in memory of Angelika Brosig and her work is inscribed on a new Memorial Plaque
at The Jewishgen Wall of Honor

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