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Benzy Shani <bshani@...>

Hello Group,

Yes, we all know that there are no rules regarding the "pairings" of Jewish
and local civil names. Yes, some chose names that shared an initial; some
chose names that shared meaning; some chose names that shared general sound;
some chose names that shared nothing evident. But - let's face it - some
names are paired more often than others. Would anyone have input as to what
could have been such a statistical equivalent to the name Jerome, in New
York, in th e'20s and '30s?

Thanks in advance,
Benzy Shani

MODERATOR NOTE: The first place to look for answers to questions like this
is JewishGen's Given Names Data Bases (GNDB), prepared by Prof. Gerald
Esterson, and found at <>.
You will be asked to specify a country of origin; if you don't find a result,
try again with a nearby country of origin.

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