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Thanks to all for their considered responses on this name.

I think the person who originally did the transliteration added the "E" to
establish the pronunciation as "eeos". The backwards N (the "ee") is a long
"e" sound. The "b" at the end (not a letter but a sound modifier) turns the
backwards N into a Yi (yee)--sort of. Hence Yos. What is interesting is
that, as I have explained to others, the clerks seemed to have homogenized
the names so that there are no variants so that there are only Sruls but no
Israels, Mordkos but no Mordechais, Sura but no Sara, etc. I'm not sure if
this was the way it is actually recorded in the registers or the clerks in
the archives who typed this up did it. My experience with register sheets
is that there are variants sometimes.

What I've learned in doing this (for the first time) is that it is not
exact and if you have any number of versions of the transliterations of the
Cyrillic letters you will have that many slight differences. I've been told
to use Beider's, or the LOC. I've downloaded many >from different Slavic
language departments. I only found one that goes letter by letter to give
explanations of the sounds, the changes depending on their positions in a
word, etc. (and stupidly didn't record the website--if I find it I'll post
it). This at least gives you an understanding.

And yes, someone will look this over for me.

This all reminds me of Allan Sherman's version of that Irish song that he
did with all the names "....Stein with an ei and Styne with a y..."

Anita Citron
Hicksville, NY
Searching NADWORNY anywhere, everywhere.

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