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First of all, a multitude of thanks to JewishGen Family Finder. After finding out
that my grandfather's sister's married name was BLUMENBERG, important especially
since I am trying to find her son who got to Israel in the 30s,I contacted another
researcher also searching Blumenberg >from Tyczyn. To my amazement, he emailed me
to tell me that my grandfather's sister's husband was his grandmother's brother.
His brother has done extensive research and went to Tyczyn in the 80s and copied
several documents. He told me that they have translated two of the birth
certificates of Hene and Jonas, my grandfather's sister and his grandmother's
brother, and there were two girls listed, born in 1923 and 1925. I was
flabbergasted. I had thought there was only one child, the son I was looking for.
He said there are also birth certificates for "other children". I am a little
surprised that they have sat for all these years without translation. I told him
that just as I was surprised that there were other children, I thought he would be
just as surprised that there was a son who got out of Poland might and he might
still be alive. I asked him about having the other birth certificates looked at
to see if he could find the name of the son. Even more incredible is the fact
that my grandmother had told me that my grandfather's nephew, who had been located
by a friend in Israel in 1945 had said that with the War over, he might be going
to Russia to find "other siblings". I had discounted it, believing he was an only
child, but with the information that there were siblings, it is very possible that
some of the family got out to Russia, just as he got to Israel. This man also told
me that Hene's husband had gone to France, and died there. I emailed and asked
why and when, and what happened to the rest of the family?? I know there are a
lot of you out there who would feel, as I did, that you had just reached that pot
of gold. I was so excited!
However, this man has ignored my last couple of emails, he has just
disappeared. One would think I was a long lost relative appearing on the scene
for my inheritance. I am now so frustrated I don't know what to do. This man may
well hold the key to my grandfather's nephew and possibly other survivors as well.
His last comment in the second of only two emails I received, was that most of his
family was presumed killed in the Holocaust, although it is a large family, and
some did get to the U.S. in time. Well, I wouldn't presume anything at this
point, and if there are survivors, they may not know we exist any more than we
knew about them till now, since my grandfather was always "mute" about home and
family. My own uncle, his son, didn't even know there was a first cousin who got
to Israel! Any suggestions here? I feel like a carrot has been dangled in front
of my nose and then taken away!!!
Leslie Weinberg

Searching EISEN, BLUMENBERG (Tyczyn, Nagyvarad), REISS, NOVEMBER (Nagyvarad)
DANSKOY (Nehzin, Russia)

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