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Joseph Fibel <JFibel@...>

Dear Genners,

Barbara Zimmer mentions two different spellings >from her relative's Arrival
Manifests aken >from the Ellis Island Data Base. The spellings of the names was
one of the questions the interrogators did ask at Ellis sland and other entry

A couple of years ago one of my wife's landslayt,Judy Baston, extracted and
downloaded >from the EIDB the names of all immigrants >from the town of Eishishok
(in Lithuania).
There were 450 of them. I was interested in how the immigrants spelled this
community's name so I made a spread sheet of them with arrival dates. There were
105 different spellings of Eishishok. This name was spelled beginning with every
vowel of the alphabet, a,e,i,o and u.
These were published in Avotaynu's "Nu, What's Nu" about a year ago.

So you really have to use your imagination if you don't find your relative's
origin on the first try.

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

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