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Sam Schleman <Samara99@...>

Hello all;

I have a relative who I know made a trip back to Europe some years after
coming to the US.

I have a photograph showing this relative on board the SS Grosser Kurfurst
of Bremen.Writing on the photograph indicates the photo was taken on 17 June

I know this same relative arrived via Ellis island on 15 September 1908
(different ship). I have accessed the shipping manifest >from Ellis island,
but there is no information as to where she had been; it merely states her
name, age and the fact that she was a US citizen.

I'm hoping that the shipping manifest for the trip >from the US to Europe
might show her intended destination. Would anyone know where I would find
the shipping manifest for a trip *from* the US to Europe? Would it likely show

I have checked, and she is not in the index to passports, so she traveled
without one.

Thanks for the help.

Sam Schleman
Malvern, PA

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