Re: Request suggestions - German record collections to put on line #germany

Parkworth <parkworth@...>

Dear Roger
Thank you for your great work. Your question about a database to be
indexed. May I suggest that the 1939 Minority Census of Berlin to be
included. There is an LDS film for this census. Many years ago I viewed
this record and found family listed there. Best regards,

Rene Eisner, Melbourne, Australia

Roger Lustig, GerSIG Research Director wrote:
I need your help. In August, at the IAJGS conference in Boston, I plan to
give a talk on the NALDEX (surname-adoption lists) database and future
database projects for GerSIG.

Now, I can think of a hundred databases I'd like to see, but I can't wish
them into existence, nor can I create them all myself--not even if I work
full-time at them. That's where you come in. My questions to each of you:

--Is there a database you'd particularly like to have on line? What is it,
about how many records would it involve, and what makes it special to you?

--Have you created databases of genealogical info? If so, tell me about

--Do you have particular skills that you could contribute to a project?
We need transcribers, proofreaders, people to gather raw data and more.

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