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Alan Greenberg

I am seeking LIPKIN family descendants in Canada famlies ZEITLIN(Montreal) and
SIMMONS (Toronto). If any family members read this, please contact me at

Thank you

Abraham Goldberg
I have answered Abraham directly, but since questions of this sort come up
regularly, I thought I would also post a general reply.

For relatively uncommon names, a good place to start is the Canadian online
telephone directory - In this case, if you look for people
with names starting with ZAITL and ZEITL, there are several potential entries of

For Montreal, there are several more options. The Jewish Genealogical Society of
Montreal holds a large number of vital records which are otherwise not available.
As birth records go up to 1942, it is often possible to find pointers to
still-living relatives. Further details can be found at

Lastly, there is a guide to locating burials at For burials since the 1950s, it is common
for families to annually pay for flowers on the graves, and the cemetery may be
able to put you in touch with the family that is maintaining the grave.

Alan Greenberg
Montreal, Canada

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