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David Dubin wrote:

"After a long wait I recently got my grandfather's "first papers" listing his
arrival on the ship "Vaderland" on August 4 (boarding? in Antwerp) or August 10
(disembarking? in New York), 1908. however, his name does not appear on the Ellis
Island website, yet the Vaderland manifest >from August 31, 1908 is on the website.
(No, my grandfather with the unfortunately common name of Isidore KATZ, born 1889
in Pultusk, Poland, does not appear in the index at all.)"

David, have you tried using He has a site for missing manifest's.
You can actually go to the manifest for that particular voyage and go through
every name. It will be close to 500 pages, so it takes some time.

Last month I finally obtained my grandfather's declaration of intent which gave me
a date and ship. Sam Fihrer was listed on the Ellis Island data base as Isak
F...wler. No wonder I could never find him. The index is only as good as the
person interpreting it.

Hope this helps.
Greg Tuckman
Tempe, AZ

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