Re: Stolp / Pommern (Slupsk / Pommerania) #germany

Evelyn Frybort <efrybort@...>

Dear Helga and fellow Gersiggers,

Thank you for your message.
I know that the Vital Records for Debrzno (Preussisch Friedland) which are
older than 100 years are archived in the Slupsk State Archives. The only
reason that I discovered that my Debrzno Jewish ancestors' records were
there is because I was informed of this in person by the Head Town Archivist
during my visit to Debrzno last year. Otherwise, it is very difficult to
find out which family records are held in which State Archives. I have
family that lived in various small towns around Pommerania and Westpreussen.
Would it be possible to share your information that you obtained about the
Slupsk Jewish records? With kind regards,

Evelyn Frybort, Sydney Australia efrybort@...

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