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Paul Silverstone

It has always been unclear to me just who was listed on the St. Albans
records. I have found various relatives, mostly listed just once,
whereas I know they traveled to the US extensively. What were the
criteria for a listing?

Paul Silverstone

Peter Zavon wrote:

I think it very important to understand that the St. Albans Lists (note lack
of apostrophe) is not limited to US entries through Vermont and Maine. The
name of the list refers to St. Albans, VT, which was the regional
headquarters for the US immigration agency at one point. (It is
conveniently near Montreal, where lots of migration activity was occuring.)
But the lists compiled there covered all land crossings into the US from
Canada along the entire boarder - Atlantic to Pacific - for a time. Later
the St. Albans Immigration District covered only the eastern half of the

While there are also separate lists for smaller Great Lakes ports (including
Niagara Falls and Rochester, NY among others) I believe these are generally
for periods before that covered by the St Albans list and focus on water
arrivals. Before the very late 19th Century, arrivals by water over one of
the Great Lakes were recorded in ships' manifests but land crossings were
not recorded. St. Albans would seem to be the only collection covering
entry by rail in the eastern US.
Paul Silverstone
New York

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