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Several weeks ago I posted a request to contact a KATZOFF family->from South
America-who live in Israel. The origin was >from Brisk/Brest-Litovsk. One of
the members of this family (>from Kiryat Gat) contacted me by phone but
unfortunately I didn't take his number and according to my spelling I didn't
find his name in the computerized Bezek directory.

A cousin of mine >from the USA is now visiting in Israel and would like to
make contact with possible KATZOFF relatives here.

So, if my distant cousin >from K.Gat sees this message or anyone knowing them
please contact me soon. This goes for anyone else >from the KATZOFF's to
whom we may be connected.

Shavua tov, vechodesh tov vechag pesach kasher vesameach

Yoni Ben-Ari (Katzoff), Efrat, Israel

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