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David Priever

Dear fellow Jewishgenners,

I have been attempting to obtain the birth certificates of two distantly
related ancestors. They were the HOWARD Brothers comedy team of the
Vaudeville era.

Namely, they are:

William LEVKOWITZ, born April 14, 1886 (stage name: Willie HOWARD)
Isadore LEVKOWITZ, born July 7, 1881 (stage name: Eugene HOWARD)

Both were born in Neustadt, Silesia, Germany (present-day Prudnik, Opole,
Poland). Their parents Rabbi Leopold and Pauline (nee GLASS) LEVKOWITZ were
originally >from Russia (perhaps Merkine in Lithuania, but I have no
documentary proof of this).

I have been trying to put together a biography of the family since they were
well know during their years on the Broadway stage and some films (Willie
was in three full length motion pictures with some very great stage/screen

I was in touch with a gentleman named Robery RASZCZYK of Zdzieszowice,
Poland but have lost touch with him.

Can anybody out there give me other sources to perhaps obtain these long
sought after birth certificates?

Thank you very much in advance.


David Joel Priever
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