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First, a short story.

I was sitting in the lobby of the synagogue in Trenton (NJ) Congregation
Brothers of Israel waiting for my daughter's function to end.
I put on my distance glasses in preparation for the drive home and stare at
the wall of memorial plaques in front of me and notice the name PRZYTYCKE
listed prominently. I perk up as this is the surname of my grandfather
Samuel JACOBS when the family lived in Wyszkow, Poland prior to emigration
to the United States. My immediate family settled in the Jersey City (NJ)

So the plaque reads:

Warsaw, Poland
who perished in the Holocaust

Chaim Esther
Faiga Gittel
Mordechai Shmuel
Ethel Golde Elyeh
by Minnie SUSSNA

Minnie (I ascertain by reading other plaques) died some time ago (July 23,
1986) and is the daughter of Chaim. Yad Vashem does not record any data
(that I can see) on the PRZYTYCKE family but I am looking into a potential
family relationship with mine.

So I am attempting to locate descendents of Louis & Minne SUSSNA who might
give me some insight into the PRZYTYCKE family. At this time I am
tentatively positing a *relationship* with my own PRZETYCKI >from Wyszkow
due to the proximity of the Warsaw Ghetto to Wyszkow.

Does anyone have any further suggestions on research? Please reply offlist.


Shelley Parish Nord

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