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Dear Friends:

There has been some heated (or energetic?) discussion here lately about
mixed marriages and the inclusion of apostates and their descendants in
family trees. It is not our wish to relaunch that thread and we trust
that the List Moderators will take that into account.

In connection with a research project being conducted by a Warsaw
historian, we would be interested in hearing (off list!) >from anyone with
family tales/rumors/whispers of relatives who converted to Christianity in
Poland. It is known that missions of various churches were active among
the Jews of Poland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries;
even the Warsaw ghetto had churches whose clergy and congregants alike
were apostate Jews!

A Warsaw historian has identified some interesting church sources that
shed light on such individuals and might help resolve some the mysteries
of members of our families who mysteriously "vanished" >from our family
histories in the not-too-distant past....

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Yale J. Reisner & Anna Przybyszewska-Drozd
The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation Genealogy Project
at the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland (Warsaw)
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