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Perhaps this is a silly question, but, did only Jews live in the Shetls
found using the Shetl seeker? I know that my Great grandfather and all of
his brothers were born in a Nowa Wies (which one I don't know). I know
absolutely nothing about these villages.
First of all, the Shtetl Seeker doesn't find only shtetls, but all sorts
of places >from the smallest village to the largest city. And the word
"shtetl" is often used loosely to refer to all sorts of places. In
Eastern European Yiddish, a shtetl was a small town, with perhaps
a few thousand people, as distinct >from a village which would be called a
"dorf", and a city which would be a "shtot". As for your first question:
No, not only Jews lived there, although Jews might have made up a large
fraction of the population.

Robert Israel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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