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Yehudh bn Shlmo

Dear Jewishgen,

Thank you very much for your translations. I was told
by several people that on Viewmate 5905 for the birth
of Hirsch BLOSHTEYN in Keidan Lithuania, there is a
box which shows a name amendment of SHERIL in the
father's name. The name of the father was Dovid ben
Girsh Bloshteyn. I am assuming this is for the Surname
and not his first name since SHERIL would be a
feminine name (at least in Hebrew).

If the surname was SHERIL and at sometime changed to
BLOSHTEYN/BLUESTEIN, it seems like a very odd last
name. Is anyone familiar with the name SHERIL from

Yehudah BenShlomo
Texas, U.S.A.

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