INTRO - REINHEIMER- Beerfelden; HERZ - Numbrecht; HUMBERG - Klein Reken & more #germany

Lin Herz <lin2@...>

I'm so glad to be here. I consider myself to be an intermediate in doing
German Jewish Genealogy research. My city in Florida, USA has 100,000
people spread out. My native language is English. I can understand a little
German. I am first generation American born. My mom and dad both came
to America with their parents in late 1938 /early 1939. My mom can read
German but not if the handwriting is sloppy.

I already had the names/birth and dates dates of my grandparents and
some of my great-grandparents. I now have the death dates of all my
grandparents..... <snip> With help >from distant family members
(and Rolf Hofmann) I have the dates of birth and death of most of my
great-great grandparents........ <snip>

My JGFF Researcher ID number is 501905. The family names and ancestral towns
that I have entered in the JewishGen family finder are:

REINHEIMER-Beerfelden, Hessen - I am looking for where my
great-grandmother got married and where her parents were born
and married. I'm looking for where they were before.
All my great-grandparents ' children were born in Beerfelden, but
the Standesamt told me the parents were not born or married there.
HERZ family >from Markt Berolzheim, Bavaria & Numbrecht/Geseke, Westphalia
HERZ & HERZ-BAER - Numbrecht (to NY 1939) & Schwarzenau
HUMBERG-Klein Reken > Brazil, S. Africa & Holland;
HUMBERG - Lippstadt > USA 1939ish
LEVI- Waldorf & Markt Berolzheim > USA 1938-9 (Kindertransport)
LEYFER- Schwarzenau;
SCHWARZ family >from Raesfeld, Borken (Westfalia)
ROSENBERGER- Bavaria region; SALOMON -Schwarzenau
ADLER- Markelsheim (a few came to America before Nazi times, some came to US,
some to Switzerland, some to Israel 1938ish, a few were murdered
BUEHLER/BUHLE-Nordlingen most came to America 1938-1939
BUEHLER- Kleinerdlingen, Bavaria 2 of my great-uncles came to
America in the early 19s. They saved the rest of the family.

Lin Herz, rural Florida, USA

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