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Joel Stearman <dpastear@...>

Rappeport Family wrote:
My grandfather arrived in Montreal >from Europe in 1905, and then crossed
into America at the Toledo Ohio border crossing.

Is there anywhere to access records of the Toledo border crossings?

Are Montreal arrivals on-line anywhere?

Laurie Rappeport


You might try NARA Microfilm Publication M1461, "Soundex Index to Canadian
Border Entries Through The St. Albans, VT., District, 1895-1924." This is
only an index, but if you find the person you are searching for, you may
have a lead to one of the other microfilm publications for the actual

Note also that the "Copies of Lists of Passenger Arriving at Miscellaneous
Ports on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and at Ports on the Great Lakes,
1820-1873" NARA Microfilm Publication M575, does not encompass the period
of entry you mentioned, nor does it include Toledo, OH.

For Montreal, CA entries, you might go to e.html.

Good Luck.

Joel Stearman
Potomac, MD

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