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Howard Orenstein

ATTN: Wyszkow Researchers

I am trying to create a "virtual" Wyszkow to show everyone what the
town looked like prior to WWII. Most of the Jewish inhabitants of the
town lived within a small radius of the center of town. The market,
the synagogues, the yeshiva/school were within easy walking distance
of each other. We know >from the 1929 business directory the street
names (and Rynek) where merchants had their shops. I think it would
be great to show where, for example, Chaim Tyk's bakery was located on
Pultuska Street, where Bromberg the butcher was located on
Kosciuszki, where Bais Yakov School for Girls was located.
I request photos that depict buildings, streets, businesses, the market
(Rynek), etc., the contents of which, if possible, you can identify.
If you cannot identify anything, do not worry. I'll try to get
someone to identify the contents. If you have an old map(s) of
Wyszkow with the town plan, that is something in which I am interested.
Please scan and email me such photos, etc., but if you would rather
send the items by regular mail, do so. If you decide to use regular
mail delivery, or UPS, etc., I will return everything that you send me
by the same carrier you use. If you use regular post, and you want to
make sure that it reaches me, then request confirmation of delivery, or
send it by certified mail. The little extra it costs is worth not having
to worry. I have found that you can save a little money upfront at
USPS (Postal service) by not requesting a return receipt; rather, there
is a tracking number that you can use online to make sure
that the item was delivered and the date of delivery.

I look forward to hearing >from you.

email address:

Howard B. Orenstein, Ph.D.
McDaniel College
Founded as Western Maryland College
Westminster, MD 21157

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