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Am posting this to the group - rather than a personal reply in case others
may be interested in my response

My grandparents (Mr & Mrs Mauritz LEHMAN) lived in Bad Windsheim before
moving to Rothenburg.[Sadly in 1938 they were forced to move to Feurth
before being deported and killed by the Poles in 1942)

A Helmutt Hoffman wrote an amazing book about the Jews of Bad Windsheim
"Die Juden in Windsheim nach 1871". He describes in some detail the family
trees of some 30 families who lived in Windsheim going back till the late
1700's. The second part of the book is a very graphic description of the
arrival of the Nazis ,and the deportations with many official documents
from the time.
There are pages of narrative and photos on pp 398-407 about the Yeshiva
under the section UNRRA-Lager, Vaad hatzala. This seemed to be populated
by DP's >from the camps and the book mentions many specific names and

It is written in German but I would happy to help you with
translation of important pages.

Helmut is still alive and lives in Windsheim but is a little fragile. He
would be delighted to speak to anyone about his work although he only
speaks German.

Let me know if you want more information

Finally, you mention you are looking for information about FARNTROG from
Feurth. I have information and some photos about the following
FARNTROG's in a book Zum Gedenken Vopn Den Nazis Eermortden Further
Juden 1933-1945.

Betti Bilha 1920-?
David (1883-1942
Edith Rosalie 1922-1942
Emmy Esther 1925-1943)
Erwin Isaak (1923-?)
Isaak (1882-1942)
Jakob 1884-1942
Jettcehn Jael 19890-1943)
Lazarus Eliezer (1886-1943),=20
Rebekka (1888-1942)
Rosi Rivka (1919-1942)
Ruth 1919-1942)

Yitzchak (aka Mark) Katz, London, UK
Researching KATZ Fulda/Uttrichaussen, LEHMAN Windsheim/Rothenburg

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