Escaping Germany via Japan #germany

Paula Weil

Dear Fellow Genners,

I recently found documents indicating that my great uncle Theodor WEIL
and his wife Anne Else WEIL escaped >from Germany to the U.S. aboard
the SS Nitta Maru sailing >from Kobe Japan October 17, 1940.
According to the ship's manifest their passports were issued in Berlin
on June 30, 1940.

This information brings up questions.

Why did Jews escaping Germany travel to Japan instead of leaving from
a port in Europe? How might they have travelled >from Berlin to Japan?
Any guesses about how they were to able to obtain passports in 1940?

I'd appreciate any help you can give me answering these questions.

I'd also be interested in knowing of any recommended articles and
books that throw light on what it was like follow this route of escape.

*** Moderator Note: This is of general interest. Please send copies
of replies ** especially citations of books and articles on the subject
to the list ***

Thank you in advance.

Paula Weil North Salem NY

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