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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

While this is a reasonable premise to investigate, I think the simpler
possibility should not be overlooked. That is the possibility that the name
was derived independently in the two locations.

I have a similar situation with the surname ZAVODNIK. There are Zavodniks
in the US who trace to immigrants who went to Minnesota and Cleveland, Ohio
and who were Christians >from Slovenia (Austrian Empire). There are other
Zavodniks in the US (and in France) who are Jewish or know they are
descended >from Jews, and who trace back to locations in what is now Belarus
(Russian Empire). It seems most likely to me that the Jewish Zavodniks
developed the surname quite independently >from the Christians.

Remember, the suffix "NIK" is a common Slavic suffix indicating a person.
That leaves the root, 'zavod' in my case or 'kol' in Alan's case. 'Zavod'
may be a reference to a worker (factory rather than farm). My language
skills are not good enough to speculate on how 'kol' might work in such a
case, but that is an alternative worth remembering, in my opinion.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

"AK" <> wrote in message
It appears that it is possible that my family, or at least my family name,
originated in Slovakia, in an area about 50 miles NE of Bratislava, and
about the same distance NW of Nitra, in a village called Hrachoviste
pop. about 660, I believe). There are many people living there and from
there in the US with the last name "KOLNIK", who are NOT Jewish. However,
as far as we know, the Jewish family with our last name is only found in
Pinsk-Minsk area (Luninetz and Kozhanhorodok, specifically, in what was
Poland to WWII and Belarus today), and Horodenka (which at one point, like
Slovakia, was part of the Austor Hungarian Empire). We have discovered a
record of a Kolnik in Hrachoviste as far back as 1702. JewishGEn also
researchers investigating their roots in villages close by, like Krajne.

Has anyone traced possible emigration patterns of jews out of Slovakia -
where did they go, and when, if at all?

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