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Dear Genners,

Some weeks ago I submitted to ViewMate the image of a birth record I mistook
for a family member. It was graciously and exactly translated >from the
Russian by a great volunteer. In going over names, places, etc. I
discovered this was not within my family. It is >from 1837 for Ratsa
Kamskii, daughter to Mordke. I would be happy to post the image again, but it is
lost to me. The VM image was designated 5842:

Burt Hecht

VM 5842

Upper right: 13

1. [It] occurred in city Platsko eighth % twentieth % [of] February
2. thousand eight-hundred seventy seventh year at ten o'cl-
3. ock [of] morning appeared Mordka Yusef Kamskii trader
4. thirty six years living in Platsko
5. and in presence [of] witnesses Zakel Bauman six-
6. ty nine years and Mosek Buki fifty
7. eight years >from birth elders liv-
8. ing in Platsko presented [to] us infant [of] fe-
9. male sex announcing that such was-born in this
10. city first% thirteenth [of] February [of] current year,
11. at seven o'clock [of] morning >from lawful his wife Ryfka
12. born Grubman, twenty six years from
13. birth, [to] infant this after birth was-given name Ratsa
14. Act this [to] announcer and [to] witnesses was-read
15. [by] us and [by] those-present was-signed_ ___
16. Maintaining Acts [of] Civil Status
17. Politsmeistr [of] city Platsko Squiggle
18. M. Buki (latin) Z. Bauman (latin) M Y Kamski (latin)

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