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Hello To All:

I am seeking any and all information on these four pictures on
jewishgen viewmate. The baby pic is of my great-uncle Murray Rakoff.
The portrait of the gentleman is unidentified and I would love to
uncover who he is. He would have to be some on my great-grandmothers
side of the family since the photo's I am in possesion of were
originaly hers. The wedding portrait I am unsure weather it is
relatives of my great-grandfather David Rakoff. I believe them to be
Sonia Rakoff and husband last name tudrin. I would love to find out for
sure and also the timeframe photo was taken. The group photo of the
family I belive to also be RAKOFFs. I believe they are
Helen(Rakoff)Brown, Louis & daughter Ilene. If anyone can tell me what
they know about these families I would greatly appreciate it. These
families would all have been living in new york.
Sarah Greenberg

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