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Alexander Sharon

Dorothy AUERBACH Rivers wrote:

My great-grandfather, David FASS/FASZ is sometimes listed in
Tyczyn, Poland, Rzeszow, Poland and sometimes in Chodorova. He is
buried in The Chodorova Society Plot in NYC.

Which address do I use for him, Tyczyn or Chodorova? Are any

Also, My great-grandfather Tzvi HIRSCH has two towns listed;
Verkhnedvinsk and Polostsk, Belarus. How do I handle that?


Is your question related to the entry of your ggfathers surnames in JGFF

You can always list both and more town names for the same person.

I am a bit confused as to Chodorowa. This was a small sleepy village in
Grzybow district (Krakow Province) with about 300 population. There is no
evidence that Jewish people were residing there at all. I am a bit surprise
to learn that there was a Chodorova Society associated with the town which
had no Jewish residents.

Perhaps you are confusing town Chodorow (currently know as Ukrainian
Khodorov) in Lwow Province with Chodorova?

And you obviuosly can list both towns, Verkhnedvinsk and Polotsk in Belarus,
for Hirsch Belarus entries.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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