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Hello To All:
Can anyone tell me more about my RAKOFF ancestors. I have talked to a
cousin, but he couldn't tell me much. He did tell me that his
grandfather died somewhere in the late 30's, and that he had a clothing
store called Isadore of Paris.I would love to get an exact date of
death for him. He was brother to David Rakoff my great-grandfather.
Isadore before coming to america had about 3 or 4 kids with the first
wife which he left behind,remarried when he came to america and had
More kids.First Wife's name was Bernice WOLFSON, and I am assuming she
died in russia. The kids eventually made it to america. Their names
from what I have been able to dig up are Helen, Sonya, Ben/Bernard, and
Samuel. Helen married a brown, sonya married sidney TUDRIN. Any
information on this family is appreciated. I do not know the second
wife's name of isadore. They would all have lived in new york. From
what the cousin was able to tell me, my great-great uncle was not a
very nice person. He was sort of a dapper dan and a womanizer, not to
mention the fact that he did leave his kids behind when he left russia.
it wasn't until years later when he finally sent for them under the
pressure of his brother david. That was probably around 1925 and the
youngest child helen was about 10 years old. Also the second wife did
not want anything to do with his other kids, so eventually they were
living with my great-grandparents David & Anna Rakoff until they were
old enough to be on their own. So if anyone can shed some more light on
this family please contact me via e-mail.
Sarah Greenberg

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