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Barbara Niederhoff <iamthewind@...>

Hello again, I know it's been a long time. Let's blame procrastination.

Our tip today was inspired by some recent feedback on the lists of
surnames that come after a poster's signature. These lists are much
appreciated by other readers; one even told us that while he doesn't read
many messages, he always looks for surname lists. On the other hand, I
know someone who doesn't use a surname list because it results in too
many requests for information (she has some pretty common names). And
that's the proof of its usefulness -- these lists do catch people's
attention, so if you are looking for connections, make and save a simple
file to add to your posts. Your e-mail program may have a "signature
file" option that can be used this way.

JewishGen's basic guideline is that after your signature, you may add a
list up to *six lines long* of any surnames that you're searching for.
Include the surnames most important to your search right now. If you're
just starting out, there should be room for everything! Countries and
towns that they came >from are helpful, especially for common names. We
like the surnames to be in all capital letters so that they stand out for
the readers. All place names and other words should just be typed
normally, as they would appear in a sentence. This way, it will be clear
to everyone what the surnames are, and it makes scanning easier.

The six-line rule is purely arbitrary -- there had to be a limit, and
someone decided, way back when, that six lines would be it (by the way,
our lines are 65 characters long). The reasons for the limit are to save
bandwidth and make the digests easy to scan. If you have more than six
lines worth to share, consider splitting your lists into separate files
to rotate.

I'll include my own list below, for a change, but I warn you that I have
precious little to offer beyond what you read here! Someday I'll chip
through those brick walls.

Barbara Niederhoff
for the JewishGen moderation team

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