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Nardo Bonomi

Dear Genners,

Compiling the inverntory of Italian resources for Jewish genealogy I found
few but important information about Jewish records in Genova before
unification of Italy (which occurred in the half of the 19th century).
In State Archive of Genova are stored:
1) a census of 1662.
2) permissions to Jewish physicians and merchant (1417-1805)
3) 700 documents of lawsuits, testaments, contracts (Hebreorum
Iurisdictionalium) >from XVI century to 1796.


Nardo Bonomi
Firenze - Italy

Author of:
Researching on:
BRAVERMAN >from Podolya
LUFT >from Galizia
GRUNBLATT >from Galizia

We are a family of Sephardic Jews living in the UK. I have traced my
descendants back to 1650 in Amsterdam. Prior to that, we were in
Genoa/Genova in Italy. Do you have any idea how I could trace my descendants
to Genoa and understand how they went there originally >from Spain/Portugal?

Kind Regards

Mark deMEZA
Sender: Mark deMeza <>

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