JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen "Family Roots" Forum Presents: Virtual Hosting of Prof. Ladislau Gyemant, May 22nd #general

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Hello Dear Genners!

On Sunday, May 22nd, 2005, between 11.00am-12.00 (Israel local time, it's
04.00-05.00 EDT), "Family Roots" online forum will proudly host Prof. Ladislau
Gyemant, for a very special virtual Q&A session.

Questions in English will be translated into Hebrew (for the benefit of all the
Israeli members), quetsions in Hebrew will be translated into English (for the
benefit of Prof. Gyemant. The answers will be given in English and will be
translated to Hebrew.

So, if your computer is Hebrew-enabled, you're more than welcome to post your
questions regarding the genealogy of Romanian and Hungarian Jews

Next international virtual hosting will be on June 8th, 2005, when we'll host Mr.
Valery Barazov of HIAS. A separate notice will be posted here just before this

Just pop inside (you'll need to pass a short and free registration process):
(In the "New Message Positng", there's a link, "Hebrew" ("Ivrit") for opening a
virtual Hebrew keyboard).

Hope to (virtually) see you there,
Arnon Hershkovitz, Israel
"Family Roots" Forum Manager

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