JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: The Lack of Common Courtesy and how it affects the Usefulness #general

Barry Finkel <b19141@...>

I send answers to questions with a "request read receipt". then I know for
sure that they received it. (This is found under Tools when using Outlook
and Outlook Express).
While many mailers honor this "return-receipt-requested" flag, it is not
part of any mail standard. Its use varies, depending on the mail system
and mail user agent. Some mailers will send the return receipt when
the mail has been placed in the recipient's mailbox. Some will send
the receipt when the recipient has opened the mail. Some will not send
if the recipient opens the mail but then deletes it. Some do not
honor the request. Don't rely on this feature with 100% accuracy.
--Barry S. Finkel
Chicago, IL, USA

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