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Dottie Miller

Recently, there was a posting regarding BOGOSLAVSKY >from Chernigov, Ukraine.
The family included Nokhim Salomon ZURNOVSKY BOGOSLAVSKY, between 1894
and 1896. He had nine sisters and brothers, Liova, David, Boris, Misha, Nuna,
Dvoira, Jifim, ?.

In my family, I have Rueven BOGASLAVSKY, born in 1824, father of
Abraham, Nechama (born 1859), and Dora (born 1864)BOGASLAVSKY in Russia.
Nechama married a man documented to have been been born in, grew up in
and emigrated >from Khmelyuv, Romen County, Poltava Gubernia, Ukraine,
Russia, sometimes spelled " Chmelov." All three BOGASLAVSKY siblings
immigrated to Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, around 1900. All documentation
that I have been able to find so far only indicates that they were >from
"Russia." The family oral history was that the BOGASLAVSKYs came >from
what is now Ukraine.

Here's my question, is there any relationship between the names "Nokhim"
and "Nechama"? I know "Dvoira" and "Dora" are related names but so
common that I can't seriously consider these names as a link between my
BOGASLAVKSY ancestor and those of the recent poster. Other first names
in my BOGASLAVSKY were Louis (used for a few different cousins), Jean,
Leo, Dorothy and Dora, Fannie, Rueben, Beatrice (used twice), Leona, and

I welcome any comments about names and about finding the place of birth
of my BOGASLAVSKY family.

Thanks in advance,

Dottie Miller
San Antonio, TX USA

JACOBSON >from Vilna; SEREINSKY >from Russia and Indianapolis,IN; BOGASLAVSKY
from Russia and Indianapolis,IN; UNNER >from Baden,Germany and Portland,OR;
GUGGENHEIMER >from Ihringen and Breisach,Germany and New Orleans, LA;
DREYFUS >from Brumath and Duppigheim,France; MEYER >from Goersdorf,France;
WEIL >from Bretten, Eichstetten in Germany and Washington, LA and Luling, TX

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