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My two cents:

Some people are very thankful but not very communicative, some people are
not particularly thankful, but very communicative... and so on to all
possible combinations. These parameters may change for a particular
person >from day to day, too.

This journey can be very difficult at times. After all, many of our roads
lead to the Holocaust. Supplying even a seemingly meaningless detail may
produce a completely unexpected and out-of-proportion emotional reaction.
Or abruptly turn a talkative person into a non-responder. That's all
besides the normal technical glitches...

Of course, it would be preferable for everyone to be courteous, but I find
it possible to understand most of the unexpected responses or non-response
in these terms. Then I turn my attention to other matters.



Henry Neugass
Palo Alto, CA remove 'zzz'

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