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Barb & Howard

Dear Friends,

It has been interesting to read the comments of a wide spectrum of
personalities on this site, and learn just how diverse a group we really
are. I have come to know many of you simply by your names and learned
comments. I have learned much >from this forum and hope that I have
contributed equally to others. The use of the computer lends itself to being
a very one dimensional observational platform. If I have ever slighted any
one of you by not acknowledging, responding, or saying "thanks" for your
help, then let me say publicly, here and now; "Thank You"; and I do

Hopefully, we all have lives outside of the genealogy world. Life simply
intrudes, on a daily basis, when we are trying to do the things we think we
should be doing for, or saying to, our fellow genealogists, and the people
around us. Other matters take immediate precedence. I take the attitude that
I can't fathom what is going on in other folk's lives, and it is just not
right for me to be judgmental. I have not always gotten back to the kind
individuals who have taken their precious time to assist me in my quest.
However, I do try to respond, and of necessity, must assume that others also
do their best as time allows. I don't know if the individual on the other
end of this key board is ill, or is experiencing tragedy in their lives, or
their kids need their immediate attention, or for what ever reason.

If I get a "thank you", then it fine. If I do not get a response or a "thank
you", that has to be fine also. Most of the folks on this site are here just
seeking and giving help to one another. If we do not expect a "thank you"
message then we will tend not to be disappointed. Helping one another needs
to be cultivated and encouraged as a wonderful Jewish trait. Helping one
another is its own reward. If any of you out there feels that they must make
amends for the sin of a "Thank You" omission, then consider making a
financial contribution to this wonderful JewishGen Discussion Group now. It
is a splendid way to continuously help and support our common cause.

Now, I hope that my cousin who wrote to me six months ago, and who I have
never met, will be thrilled with me and the response I finally forwarded
just this morning.

Bless you all,

Howard Steinmetz

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