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Vivian Kahn

I respectfully disagree with the moderator's advice. Guta, Csenger,
and Pressburg/Bratislava were all in pre-Trianon Hungary, which is
within the scope of the Hungarian SIG, not the Austria/Czech SIG.
Bratislava, known as Pozsony in Hungarian, was in Czechoslovakia after
WWI but is now in the Slovak Republic. Csenger was in Szatmar megye
(county), now Romania, and Guta was in Nograd megye, now in Slovakia as
well. Check the All-Hungary database for records >from these

Vivian Kahn, Hungarian SIG Coordinator

MODERATOR NOTE: The moderator stands corrected. Bratislava, in
Slovakia, is properly within the geographical area covered by H-SIG.
Its proximity to Vienna makes connections to the Austria-Czech
SIG's area likely, but H-SIG is a more appropriate forum. Information
about H-SIG can be found at <>.

Subject: Information on Csenger, Szatmar/Satu Mare and UNSDORFER
From: "S.B. Goitein" <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 13:22:20 +0100
X-Message-Number: 18

Dear Genners

I am trying to trace my ancestry on my mother's side. Her maiden name
was Unsdorfer and her father (my grandfather) came >from
Pressburg/Bratislava, Czech. Up until recently I had believed that his father,
my great-grandfather Unsdorfer, was born in Gutta, known today as
Kolarovo. However, a recent visit to the Yad Vashem website revealed that he
might actually have been born in Csenger, Szatmar. I visited the NY Library
online where they have a Csenger Yizkor book, but his name was not there. It
could be that they moved >from Csenger to Gutta after he was born. However, I
seem to have come to a dead end.

If anyone has information about Csenger, has Unsdorfer in the
family/friends or has any advice/ information on how I could
best pursue this quest, I would be very grateful for any help.

Please respond privately.

Many thanks in advance.

Michael Goitein

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